Eco-Friendly Tips to Teach Your Children

Teaching the next generation eco-friendly tips is worth every second of the time it takes. As a parent, teacher, relative, mentor coach and anyone who has plays a role in the life of children today has a role to play in helping kids develop good habits for the future.

Everyday Habits

Some of the most important eco-friendly tips that can be shared with the future generation are in our daily habits. Learning environmentally friendly habits from a young age makes a big difference over the course of a lifetime. An easy habit that any aged child can develop is turning off electronics when they are not in use, such as televisions, computers, video games, light switches, and other smaller electronic games. An aspect of this that is often forgotten is that the waste from non-rechargeable batteries can be just as bad as leaving your lights on. Also, even if electronics are off, if they remain plugged in with the plug switched on they still consume electricity. Help your electricity bill and the planet by taking the time to teach these good habits.

Reusing and Recycling

Many kids learn the mantra „reduce reuse recycle“ in school, but teaching them what it means in their everyday life is an important part of learning and embracing these values. Encouraging the use of reusable containers, like water bottles or Tupperware, for lunches or snacks is the easiest way to reuse materials everyday. Using hand-me-down clothes, toys and equipment is more than just a way to be economical, but also a way to decrease stress on the resources used to create new products. Teaching the next generation that reused things are not necessarily worse than new things will help instill recycling as a value.

Getting Around

The easiest eco-friendly tip any parent can pass on to their kids is to rely more on their feet than an engine for getting around. Encouraging kids to ride their bike or walk to their friends‘ houses, playground or school will reduce any families‘ carbon footprint. This is also a great way to keep the younger generation active and healthy.
Each of these tips are more than just making good habits but about changing attitudes. The best way any adult can pass on eco-friendly tips is by showing their attitude and daily consideration for the environment.

Picture by Roman Milert – Fotolia

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